Project period: August 2019 – July 2021


The project aimed at strengthening democratic ideas and values in Ukraine through building a culture of lawfulness.

The goal was to build a grassroots movement to eliminate corruption and to enhance the rule of law among the Ukrainian society.

International knowledge and experience in constructing a lawful society, where the rule of law is deeply appreciated and followed, was brought to the stakeholders in Ukraine.

Specific objectives were the following:
1. To inspire, encourage and enhance capacities of journalists to address corruption in a safe, innovative and conflict-sensitive way by exposing the positive, corruption-free cases as a societal value to be nourished, multiplied and followed.
2. To launch a cross-sectoral coalition of institutions and individuals to build the culture of lawfulness in the Ukrainian society.
3. To promote the rule of law in Ukraine in an innovative, emotionally attractive and trendy way.

The following interlinked activities were realised:
1. Three workshops on the promotion of the culture of lawfulness for national and regional media.
2. Three roundtables on the value of the rule of law and the societal benefits of the CoL.
3. Promoting the culture of lawfulness through re-granting the contemporary artists’ projects.
4. Re-granting the CoL initiatives. 23 inter-regional exchange projects were supported.
5. Production of emotionally positive video and audio clips to promote the CoL on TV, radio and social media, and to build an attractive image of a lawful person. 
6. Regular exposing of good examples, when integrity, human dignity and values were intrinsically practiced.
7. Concluding conference. The event provided a platform for public presentations of all visual products developed within the project to promote the culture of lawfulness in Ukraine.

The publication contains main outcomes and outputs of the  project. The action has developed new techniques that can effectively influence the prevention of corruption. We invite everyone to apply and scale up these techniques, because only together can we overcome this social problem.

The project was realised with the financial support from the MATRA programme and the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.