1507642858_22181250_1409094079209649_8507468540614562288_o1On November 14-15, 2017, Dnipro will host the third Forum of Creative Industries “Ukraine to the World”.

The purpose of the Forum is to demonstrate the expert potential of Ukrainian creative industries and display the projects in cultural and creative areas that might be of interest to foreign partners and investors.

The event will gather 200 participants: project authors and developers, creative entrepreneurs, cultural managers, representatives of industry-specific organizations from different regions of Ukraine, as well as representatives of national and local authorities, public leaders, experts, and investors.

Successful projects of culture and creativity from different regions of Ukraine, as well as new projects, seeking for funding and partnership, will be shown within the Forum. The Forum will also enable its participants to share experience of promoting projects on the international level and outline the steps to be taken by either project developers, or central and local authorities in order to engage foreign investments to Ukrainian creative industries and facilitate export of their projects and services.

The activity program comprises all thematic directions of cultural and creative industries — from purely artistic to technological.

The program of the Forum includes:

  • Participants’ projects presentation
  • Success stories from experienced players of creative industries
  • Disputes and discussions
  • Exhibition of participants’ promotional materials and products
  • Unlimited communication

To attend the Forum you need to register by reference https://goo.gl/tu2zrk and obtain confirmation from the Organizing Committee. The deadline for registration is October 22, 2017. The selected participants will receive confirmation of participation and detailed logistic information on November 1, 2017.

To present their project or deliver a speech the participants also require registration and sending their presentation at pr@pomogaem.com.ua.

The following projects of cultural and creative industries are invited for presentation at the Forum: business projects, social entrepreneurship, non-commercial projects, both not implemented yet and seeking for opportunities for development and growth. A project presentation should include a summary, a budget, a marketing strategy or a project development plan. You can also present your promotional material and products at the Forum’s exhibition.

Forum “Creative Industries: Ukraine to the World” is the third event devoted to creative industries that will take place within the project “Bridging Gaps for Inclusive Civic Engagement” funded by the European Union.

Forum website http://cif.in.ua

Event page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/468965173489064/

Contacts for inquiries and media accreditation: pr@pomogaem.com.ua, phone: +38(056)732 48 07, 067 632 69 19, 063 419 65 43.


The project “Bridging Gaps for Inclusive Civic Engagement is funded by the European Union and is implemented in 2016–2018 via partner organizations: Centre for Cultural Management (Lviv), Ukrainian Library Association  (Kyiv), Information Society Development Foundation (Warsaw), Charitable Foundation ‘Pomogaem’ (Dnipro).

The project “Bridging Gaps for Inclusive Civic Engagement” involves trainings and workshops on creative industries, operates the National Exchange Program for Civil Society Activists, Journalists and Cultural Figures. In addition, the project is conducting mapping of the communities of 12 towns of Ukraine and the results will be presented in autumn 2017.

Read more about the project, news, announcements and relevant opportunities within the project “Bridging Gaps for Inclusive Civic Engagement” at http://bridges.org.ua or official project page in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BridgingGapsICE

esThis project is funded
by the European Union